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General Membership

Most people join our agency to help those in their time of need. Some join our agency for professional and personal growth. Whatever your reason is, we welcome all interested applicants, especially those who speak more than one language.  Many of our members have gone on to become paramedics, nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, lawyers and much more.


Youth Corps Membership

Our Youth Corps provides teens ages 15 through 17 with knowledge and a unique experience. Geared towards teens that have a proclivity for medicine or emergency services, this is a great opportunity to get a head start while still in high school.

Spring Hill EMS will provide Youth Corps members with CPR and First Aid certifications. After appropriate training, members are allowed to ride along on the ambulance as observers under the supervision of our experienced EMTs.

Youth Corps Members are overseen by Advisors: senior corp members who are available to answer questions, help with any problems, and ensure a smooth transition into senior corps once members turn 18.


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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Do I need to be an EMT in order to join Spring Hill EMS?

No. Once you become a member, we require that you learn your way around the ambulance and be certified in CPR. Once this process is completed, you can start riding along with the crews and start gaining experience.

What skills/certifications do I need?

None. Once you join, our members will certify you in CPR. This is the only certification needed in order to start riding along on the ambulance. When the EMT course is offered, Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps will sponsor your EMT class, and assist you in confidently practicing the skills you learned.

What is the involved time commitment?

We require all members to give a minimum of 12 hours a month to the corps.

How old do I have to be to join?

In order to join you have to be at least 15 years of age, however you cannot ride on the ambulance until you are 16 years old.

What would I do?

Help someone in their time of need. When an individual calls 911, we get dispatched to the call and from there we would assist the person with their emergency, and transport them to the hospital.

Do you allow members to be drivers only?

We do not allow our members to be drivers only; this is beneficial to all those around. In the event that there is an emergency that demands more than one set of hands, both the EMT and driver are well trained and know how to react. This helps us so we can work better as a team, which gives us the desired end goal of better patient care.

How do I become an EMT?

Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps will sponsor you to attend an EMT class locally. This class is usually offered on weeknights through the Rockland County EMS Academy. It is here where you will gain the necessary skills needed to reach the end goal of becoming a Crew Chief.

Are there any health requirements?

In order to ride we require all members to be cleared by your doctor before you join. Any questions regarding this please feel free to ask in our questions section.

Can I tour the station?

If you have any questions regarding bringing students or family on a field trip to see the station and ambulances, submit a question in the ask a question section and we will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.